CKC Aromas

Personal Wash & Care Products

Our fragrance portfolio consists of many well know fragrances that we have tailor made for our customers they vary from fine fragrances to fragrances for Personal Wash, Personal Care, Fabric Care, Home Care, Aerosol Fragrances, Incense Sticks, Candles and Tobacco products.

personal wash Our fragrances for Personal Care products like Body / Skin Care products and Cleansers like Creams and Lotions, toners and lotions, Sunscreen masks helps deliver an enriching experience to customers, providing them a fragrant feeling of sheer luxury and indulgence. This holistic experience is also extended to our Hair Care and Cleansing products like Shampoos, Perfumed Hair Oils as well as Hair Sprays, Conditioners, Styling Gels &Mousse; each designed to deliver a supreme scentsation of pleasure.

Our special range of fragrances for Men's grooming products like creams and lotions as well as Shaving products like Shaving Creams as well as Pre and After-Shave Creams, Lotions and Balms are created to give a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment and enjoyment to the user.

So whether one has a Dermatological Application or a simple Antiperspirant Applications like Deodorants and Talcum Powders, one can be sure that our fragrances will appeal to the consumer's senses, giving a feeling of completeness and harmony without ever offending their sensibilities.