CKC Aromas

Mouth Freshners & Tobacco Products

Whether mouth fresheners or digestives, an occasional indulgence or an addiction, products like Pan, Supari, Pan Masala, Zafrani Patti and Gutka as well as Chewing Tobacco variants like Khaini and Gudaku is almost an integral part of dietary heritage of people in South Asia.

tobacco products The unique taste of each of these products is derived from exclusive fragrances,flavours, attars and natural oils, each blended to create gratify the senses. We create exclusively products which individually or collectively form a part of an unique symphony of not only taste but a total consumer pleasure and satisfaction.

Our offerings of unique tobacco 'smokes' for traditional applications like the hookah and sheesha or contemporary offerings like perfumed cigarettes and hookahs over the entire spectrum of consumer preferences and tastes including fruity, citrus and exotic notes.