CKC Aromas

Aersol & Fine Fragrances

From time immemorial mankind has sought to enhance their appearance and presentation by perfuming themselves.

aerosol fragrances So whether it was bathing in fragrant hamams or applying exotic oils on their person, our quest to feel good and appeal to others have driven the artistic quest for newer and more complex fragrances, each more exotic and more unique than the other.

Our quest for perfection in delivering the pinnacle of fragrant experience have led us to create fragrances for every sense and sensibility covering old and new fragrance notes for Him and Her as well as Unisex Fragrances. With 'green' and 'natural' being the new buzz-words that are driving personal preferences world-wide, we have created a range of Natural Fragrances for Him and Her giving the consumer an even larger choice to pamper themselves.