CKC Aromas

Incense Sticks (Agarbatties) & Freshners

Fabric Cleaning Products have now transformed into Fabric Care Products with consumers expecting them not only to clean but also care for the fabric, each experience being fashioned and heightened by fragrances which must be substantive at every stage of fabric care from Pre-Wash to Post Wash and even beyond.

incense sticks Our fragrances not only aid in but enhance the user experience by not only surrounding him with pleasing aromas but also evoking charming effects within him. So whether they are Incense / Joss Sticks and Cones or Pot Pourri, Perfumed Candles or Electric Air Fresheners, Room Freshener Sprays or even applications like fragrances used in Theatrical Performances, each of our fragrance is crafted to create a special ambience around and within you.